Do You Ever Stop and Think About What is in Those Dog Treats You Buy From the Store?

Over the past few years there have been pet food scares, most recently due to the Chinese manufactured products containing melamine. It makes sense to feed only the best quality dog treats you can. 

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I thought your offer seemed to good to be true. I was sick of the crappy dog treats my owner bought from the store so I told my master about your free offer. All I can say is two paws up!

Thanks for the free treat recipes! I'm a much better dog because of it!

Manny the Dog

These are good! Ok, maybe I am a little biased since the recipe book was named after me.

And my owner says they are easy to make, and since he can't cook that must be true!


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Say NO To China!

In return for these free recipes and dog care guides, all we ask is that you remember that there are still many atrocities being committed against Dogs in China. Show your support for animal rights by boycotting Chinese made pet products.
Read the labels. If it says made in China, please consider buying something else.

Thank you for your support!